We are a non-creedal, theologically diverse congregation.

We do not expect members and friends to hold a specific set of religious beliefs. We affirm that no-one knows the whole truth about the holy mystery that surrounds us all. Therefore, we believe that we are called to walk together in our search for truth and meaning, taking seriously our desire to live authentic and faithful lives in this beautiful, broken, complex world. On any given Sunday, you will find Theists, Buddhists, Humanists, Pagans, and many in between worshipping side by side.

We are a congregation that celebrates diversity.

We believe that differences in theology, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and gender identity enrich our community. Whoever you are, whatever your pain or joy, however you identify yourself, and wherever you are in your life’s journey, we welcome you here.

Additionally, we are an officially designated “Welcoming Congregation” of the Unitarian Universalist Association, extending an intentional and active welcome to members of the LGBTQ community.

We are a church that rejoices in the presence of children.

Here at First Universalist we have a thriving Religious Exploration program that includes Sunday morning classes and other child-oriented events throughout the year. Recognizing the value and blessing of our children not only for what they might do in the future but for the gifts they bring now, we work hard to integrate them into the ongoing life of the larger church community.

We are a justice-seeking church.

Our mission states, “Rooted in the Sacred and strengthened by our diversity, we equip ourselves to minister through the transformative power of Love.” We not only believe that love has the power to transform ourselves and the world around us, but also that we are called, as people of faith, to do the work that will create that transformation.

We have found this community to be life-affirming, soul-awakening, and heart-inspiring. We hope you will find it to be the same, and that your journey with us will be long, fruitful and joyous.